Funny, isn’t it?

When we listen more than talk, people say we are great conversationalists.
When we ask questions rather than offer answers, they say we have good ideas.

When you ask the question that feels hard to ask, they are relieved you did.

When you let them share their story rather than tell your own, they say they feel like they know you better.

When you ask them to explain their problem, they often come up with a good solution on their own.

When you laugh with them, they will say you have a great sense of humor.

When you have the courage to cry with them, they do not feel so alone.

When you help them discover who they really want to be rather than tell them what they need to do, they are inspired to change.
When you remind them they are a good person, they want to be an even better one.

About paulheagen

I am an executive coach, advisor and confidant who helps leaders better understand, refresh or redirect their purpose in their business and personal lives. Over my 35-year career as a corporate executive, communications consultant and trusted advisor, I have guided executives through “defining moments” – those unique times when the decisions they make, the words they speak, and the qualities they exhibit can influence not only the destiny of their organization but also their own lives and careers. When it comes to my clients and my life work, I am ferociously passionate and restlessly inquisitive about uncovering the unique dreams, vision and purpose that lead to exceptional leadership.
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One Response to Funny, isn’t it?

  1. gina says:

    perfect words to read this morning and my eyes are misty. xo

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